Hi, I'm Steve.

I’ve coached hundreds of leaders, founders and entrepreneurs across the USA and UK, and led dozens of teams to deliver high value projects for global organisations.

I’ve dealt with relentless change and uncertainty, I’ve had to rally myself and others in the midst of crises, and I’ve faced my fair share of personal challenge and upheaval.

Now, with a clear focus on giving leaders the space to navigate adversity and the tools to become all they can be, I’m a unique blend of expert coach, seasoned guide and battle-scarred leader, threaded through with a deep well of compassion.

I trained with a global coaching organisation in 2002 and got deep under the hood of what worked and what didn't, then threw out my training wheels and started really coaching people.

I helped dozens of clients reach the point where the trust they had in themselves outweighed their fear and self-doubt — a turning point where they felt unencumbered by the self-talk that had kept them stuck or small or scared. I studied exactly what was happening to bring people to that place, and in 2007 I jettisoned the label “life coach” and chose to focus on applying what I'd learned to help more people reach that place of freedom.

I’ve written hundreds of articles for publishers such as Huffington Post and The Muse, providing proven, real-world insights from years of coaching people through adversity and change.

I’ve gone into global organisations like GE Vernova, Meta, Vanguard, Bayer and Nike to run complex digital innovations with 7-figure budgets and diverse teams, becoming highly sought after as a trusted leader who not only gets the job done, but always does the right thing for people.

My work reflects the real-world growth of someone who’s had the highest highs and the lowest lows.

I’ve been made redundant, experienced a complete breakdown, figured out who I am, travelled the world as a sought-after consultant, been featured as a coach on UK TV and radio, lived in Amsterdam for a year, opened up to crushing grief, accepted a debilitating illness, carved laughter lines into my face, and found joy in connecting with people from all sorts of different backgrounds.

And I'm still a work in progress...

I’m a coach, a business owner, a brother, a friend and a writer. I’ve done a lot. Achieved a lot. Learned a lot.

But I’ll always be a work in progress.

I don’t have it all figured out. I make my fair share of mistakes and missteps. I’m subject to life's eddies and currents like everyone else.

So what matters is that I show up as I am — whole, imperfect and unfinished — ready to take meaningful action and knowing that I don’t have exclusivity on illness, hardship, adversity, self-doubt, change or uncertainty.

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Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes you’re all out of answers. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner.

I get it, because I’ve been there too.

I'm here to help you navigate adversity and become all you can be, so let's connect.

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