5 Reasons I’ve Screwed Up as a Leader

When I’ve screwed up as a leader (and holy maloney have I ever made some screw-ups), I can put it down to one of these five reasons:

  1. Ignoring that tiny, quiet little voice at the back of my head that tells me exactly where the problem is.
  2. Being so focused on getting work out the door that I just want everyone to shut up and do what I tell them.
  3. Staying quiet and squashing myself down in order to toe the party line, instead of flagging what I know to be true.
  4. Internalising the pressure of delivery and turning it into stress.
  5. Normalising an unhealthy environment or toxic behaviour as “the way it is”, and just carrying on

If I hadn’t made the choice to look at the reasons for my screw-ups, I’d be destined to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.

Self-honesty is essential for any leader, and two quick things on that…

  • It’s uncomfortable, but that’s okay. Discomfort isn’t the enemy.
  • It’s a practice, not a one-time thing. Do the work.


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