7 Steps to a Better Life

A lot of you are new round these parts, and very welcome you are too.

So hi. Mi casa su casa. How’s things?

There are heaps of posts here, overflowing with ways to productively deal with self-doubt, stop second-guessing, end the people-pleasing, get out of your comfort zone and get out there, live your life your way and put your dent in the universe.

Have a browse around, but in the interests of cutting to the chase and giving you the meat, consider this the only post you need to lead a better life.

1. Stop whining

Every time you whine or moan you’re giving power to something that’s wrong or unwanted. The more you do that, the smaller your life gets and the more of an asshole you become. Just let it go.

2. Be grateful

The practice of gratitude is one of wholeness. It requires that you notice the beautiful and the simple, it requires that you accept and embrace where you are right now (whatever its texture), and it requires that you give of yourself without expectation of reciprocation. A good life is impossible without it.

3. Do what matters

It doesn’t matter what matters to you. It only matters that you engage with it, whatever it is. Otherwise, whose life are you living?

4. Don’t hide anymore

You don’t have to hide who you are simply because you’re scared of someone seeing you. You’re amazing, and you don’t need to prove anything and you don’t need anyone’s approval or validation. Take off the armor and come out from hiding.

5. Stop Judging

Judging someone else is only ever about making you right, often at the expense of your own happiness. Judgement and joy each want to occupy the same space in your heart, and you get to choose which one moves in.

6. Go exploring

Life will never allow you to know how things are going to turn out ahead of time, so trying to control every outcome is futile (not to mention exhausting). Much better then, to go exploring with a sense of curiosity, playfulness and integrity.

7. Fuck cool

Comparing yourself and worrying about what other people think is a sure-fire way to destroy your confidence. So fuck it, shake off the comparisons, expectations and pressure to conform, get out there and play, and let yourself flourish as only you can.

That’s it.

7 steps to a better life.

What’s jumping out at you?

  • “Be Grateful” and “Do What Matters” resonate with me.
    Being grateful certainly stops the whining and helps me be happy with and utilize the blessings I’ve been given. Filling my time with doing what matters will stop me from being distracted by and doing those things that don’t (I’m working hard on this one and “do it now” — this phrase is posted all over my house — is my focus for 2014).
    Back to it!

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