Because, as I learned, the ways you learned to survive may not be how you want to live...

You’re no stranger to challenges and constant change these last few years, both as a leader and in your personal life. You’ve faced more than your fair share of curve-balls and crises. And you’ve carried it all, but you’re starting to feel the cost.

The weight of all that change and all that unstoppable, unrelenting need for more and more resilience has left you feeling worn thin. Thinner, maybe, than you’d like to admit.

Stuff just doesn’t connect with you like it used to, and somehow doing less than you know you’re capable of takes all the energy you’ve got.

There’s a sense deep down in your stomach that you’re smaller, or more risk-averse or more timid than you used to be. And things just feel…sludgier than you can ever remember them being.

I get it. I really, really do.

See, not so long ago...

...on the heels of the pandemic, I was running seven-figure projects, coaching a handful of business leaders and managing my own chronic illness when in the space of 5 months I lost both parents to cancer and its constellation of complications, and an old friend on the other side of the world took her own life.

Immobilised with grief, key parts of me had to just shut down so that I could wake up each day to go through the motions of life and work. What little energy I had went into keeping a handful of plates spinning.

The rest was just a blur.

Starting to heal and find my smile again wasn't easy, but is some of the most important work I've ever done.

I gave myself space. I stopped numbing myself. I listened to what I was avoiding. I built new thinking. I rediscovered what I cared about. I made fresh decisions. I reached out. I made meaningful plans. I looked for what gave me joy.

I found that the ways I’d learned to survive weren’t the ways I wanted to live... I leaned into the coaching and personal leadership experience gained over the past 20+ years to find my way back to me.

And as my journey took shape I saw how many others are stuck in survival mode, trying to find their own way through their own  hardships and the adversity of recent times.

So my focus is clearer than ever—

I give leaders the space to navigate adversity and the tools to become all they can be.

One of the ways I'm at my best...

Time and time again I've seen that it's through helping someone, contributing to someone and adding as much value as I can to someone that I get to be at my best.

It's the best way I know to make a difference.

And every client is different. I never know what's going to come up in a session, but I know they're joyful, challenging, meaningful, funny, moving and so much more. 

I promise you:

Strategies That Work

My experience and toolkit comprises proven ideas, insights and strategies from over 20 years of coaching.

No BS or Judgement

We each show up with a sense of curiosity, free from self-help claptrap and without any need to judge or compare.

Individual Support

I’m in your corner, using everything I’ve got to hear you, support you and guide you.

It's a true partnership where I'll use every ounce of focus, experience and guidance I can muster to help meaningful shifts happen for you.

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
  • Feeling sludgy and foggy
  • Struggling with constant change
  • Feeling isolated
  • Going through the motions
  • Numbing yourself with the wrong habits
  • Fear of making the wrong decisions
  • Settling for survival
  • Not being honest with yourself
  • Uncertain what to do or where to start
  • Renewed focus
  • Accepting and leaning into change
  • Feeling plugged in and connected
  • Building a fresh sense of meaning
  • Experiencing more joy
  • Renewed agency over your choices
  • A hard reset of your expectations
  • Radical self-compassion
  • Kickstarting meaningful action

Simple and Easy

Don't know where to start?

Kickstarting meaningful action starts with a simple first step.

We can have a quick conversation, or drop me an email and we can connect that way.

Either works just fine.

Pick a slot in my diary that works for you and we'll connect via Zoom.

Email me and let me know a little about yourself and how I might be able to help.