sometimes you just need someone in your corner

I get it. And I'm here to help.

You’ve been through an unprecedented period of change and uncertainty these last few years, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Navigating all of that and the unrelenting need for more and more resilience has left you feeling worn thin, and smaller than you remember being.

You’re feeling the cost of everything you’ve been carrying, and the bottom line is that the ways you’ve learned to survive aren’t the ways you want to live.

So it’s the perfect time for a fresh intervention. To get someone in your corner who can guide you to something that feels…different, better, simpler.

I’ll give you the space to navigate adversity and the tools to become all you can be.

  • Carve out time to make yourself a priority
  • Uncover what’s keeping you stuck in survival mode
  • Build a renewed sense of your talents and capabilities
  • Kickstart action to feel more plugged in and connected
  • Eliminate your triggers around failure, perfection and comparison
  • Reshape uncertainty so it can be leveraged for growth  
  • Master your stress responses for greater clarity and purpose
  • Plug back in to your capacity for joy

How it Works



A 90 minute deep dive to focus in on where we can make meaningful shifts, plus a 45-60 minute session to build momentum.


$ 750/mth

Two 45-60 minute one-to-one sessions per month, for 5 months.



Unlimited online support between sessions, so we can keep things moving.

Meaningful shifts require meaningful commitment on both sides. To make sure I give you my all, I work with a maximum of ten 1:1 clients at any given time, in 6-month engagements., After that, there's the option to continue our work on an ongoing basis.

To find out more about having me in your corner, let's chat or you can drop me an email.

Real impact to real leaders

I wasn’t sure how Steve could help me, but after each session I am amazed at how he did. He has an uncanny way of responding and riffing on a conversation that is just enough listening and advice combined. Really sharp guy.

Paul  | Founder

My life and confidence have improved significantly as a result of working with Steve. At work, I am able to remain calm and confident, to know my strength and forgive my weaknesses with compassion. I think honestly his unwavering and genuine faith in me is the fundamental piece that made everything else effective.

Loreline  | Marketing Exec

I know what you do is a service and your work but it really is one that changes lives. You are an amazing man Steve and you do outstanding work. One of the reasons I feel you do this so well and with integrity, is because you have empathy and experience and it nourishes you to help others.

Tonya  | Entrepreneur
Los Angeles

What it's like to work with me

I’ll give you every ounce of focus I can muster. I'm a partner and guide, and your biggest supporter, not a lecturer or know-it-all.

My style is informal, supportive and light-hearted, even if we’re getting into some serious content.

I have a wealth of tactics and strategies to help you, but it's never one-size-fits-all and I never make people to work to my agenda or pace.

I might pose some of the toughest questions you’ve ever been asked, play back to you what I'm seeing, or call you on your bs.

Everything's done in the spirit of curiosity and experimentation, with no wrong answers and no judgement. You can’t disappoint me.

Organizational Bundles

So many are feeling the weight of adversity, the cost of change and the price of needing to be more and more resilient.

And with no sign of change slowing down it makes enormous sense to have meaningful support and guidance on hand.

Not just to “get through”, but to grow, thrive and flourish.

So in addition to individually arranged coaching I provide bundles of coaching hours for your leadership team or business partners to access. 

I give the exact same level of focus, attention and expert coaching, at an economy of scale.  Reach out to learn more.


When you’ve worked with clients in the past, what have been the results?

Every client is different, but if I was to boil it down to one thing, it’s that every client gets to be more them.

And after so much disorienting challenge and hardship that leaves them feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and powerless, I see clients gain a sense of ease about how they move forward — they’re able to accept and integrate change and uncertainty rather than struggle against it or suffer from it.

It’s an opening up and a renewal of personal agency that gives people the space to re-engage with life and work, and ultimately experience more clarity, joy and meaning.

How long would it take to see things happen?

Insights can and do come quickly, and I’ve seen clients make important shifts and decisions in just a handful of sessions.

Deeper shifts can take more time, more patience and more work. That’s exactly why I ask for a commitment of six months — because this is likely to be the most important work you’ll do.

Can you guarantee results?

The honest answer is no. The results you get are a product of the time and energy you’re able to commit and how deeply we work together.

What I can guarantee is that I'll be right there in your corner with every ounce of focus and experience I have, and if you show up ready to be open, curious and to do the work, I have every confidence good things will happen for you.

What types of leaders have you coached?

Young leaders, seasoned leaders, experienced leaders, brand new leaders, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. From one-man-band founders to VP’s in global organisations and everything in between.

I’ve coached leaders from all walks of life, and what’s common among all of them is that they’re human beings first and foremost. It’s the individual I coach.

What kind of commitment do you expect from your clients?

I ask for a commitment of six months of coaching, and typically we’ll have two sessions per month, each session between 45-60 minutes. In my experience this is an optimal duration to generate clarity, energy and meaningful change.

Sessions are pockets of time where we each show up fully, openly and bravely, where we each lean in and bring our full attention.

Often between sessions we’ll also agree on a couple of actions to complete, whether it’s just thinking through a big question, completing a worksheet or putting something new into practice.

Is there a right time or best time to start?

Imperfect action now beats waiting.

You might not know where to start, and you might feel some trepidation around coaching — feeling resistance is to be expected when starting anything new. But think about where you’d be and how you’d feel 6 months or a year from now if you chose the status quo instead of making a different decision.

You’ve been through enough over the last few years to put off prioritising yourself any longer.

I'm here for you

Take the first step

You've carried so much for so long, and you're feeling the cost.

But you deserve better. You deserve more than just survival. You've earned that.

A meaningful first step is for us to talk, or you can drop me an email and we can connect that way.

Either works just fine.

Pick a slot in my diary that works for you and we'll connect via Zoom.
Or email me and let me know a little about yourself and how I might be able to help.