Debunkapalooza Wrap-up

Over the last few weeks I’ve debunked 7 HUGE myths about confidence, the kind of stuff that ends up confusing the crap out of people and can get really bloody messy if you’re not careful.

So here’s the wrap-up of Debunkapalooza – one place where you can come to get your myth busting, confidence building fix (you might want to bookmark it). Click each link for the corresponding article where you can dig a little deeper into the debunking goodness.


Myth 1 – Confident People Are Less Afraid
A confident person who doesn’t feel fear isn’t a confident person.
They’re terrified like a tiny nun at a penguin shoot who’s trying to convince you that they’re bullet-proof.

Myth 2 – If You’re Not Confident, Fake It
Faking confidence is what leads people into hubris and arrogance.
Real confidence is choosing to trust your behaviour because you’re already good enough, not pretending to be a certain way because you don’t feel good enough.

Myth 3 – Confident People Are More Extroverted
Extroversion and confidence is a powerful combination, but don’t think for a second that introversion and confidence are mutually exclusive or any less powerful.

Myth 4 – There’s a Fine Line Between Confidence And Arrogance
Arrogance is noisy and needs others to exist.
Confidence is quiet and needs only to breathe.

Myth 5 – You’re Either Confident Or You’re Not
Every person on the planet has confidence. Including you.
It’s simply that thinking sometimes gets layered on top that makes it harder to experience directly.

Myth 6 – Confident People Get Their Own Way All the Time
Getting your own way all the time is not confidence.
It’s a need based on insecurity and feelings of unworthiness.

Myth 7 – Confident People Are Always Sure of Themselves
Being sure of an outcome does not require confidence (and rarely requires evidence).
Confidence is letting go of the expectation or need of certainty and instead, embracing self-trust.

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