The Fool-Proof Guide to Building Totally Flawed Opinions

Everyone has an opinion these days.

He’s either a dick or exactly what we need. It’s either made up bullshit or what people need to hear. It’s either the best thing you’ll ever see or the biggest pile of horseshit ever. I’m either right, or I’m as wrong as nipple-tassles on a nun.

Forming an opinion often happens without you even knowing. A bit like growing a skin-tag or developing a love of Korean food.

If you want to guarantee that any opinion you form is a flawed as a Vegas hotel, here are some tips.

Only take input from your filter bubble

When you need to decide where you stand on a particular issue, the best thing to do is to check out Facebook. Sure enough, you’ll most likely see a whole bunch of people and opinions that support your hunch. Keep reading what you’ve already read and keep watching the news channels you’ve always watched—those guys know their stuff.

Your filter bubble surrounds you with people just like you; powered by algorithms smart enough to show you everything you already agree with.

Why go anywhere else?

Forget all about your values

Flawed opinions are best formed when there’s nothing to pin them to; nothing to anchor them. Hearsay, wishy-washy opinion pieces and the mood you wake up in are guaranteed to help you form opinions with spines made from damp-socks.

Figuring out what matters most to you (in yourself, in others and out there in the world) is hard. Nowhere in the rules does it say that your opinions need to be based on any kind of personal bedrock. In a world where opinions are cheap, why bother investing anything of yourself in yours?

Listen to whoever’s loudest

Whoever shouts the loudest probably has the most belief in what they’re saying, so it’s those guys you need to listen to more than anyone else.

Think about it. Why else would they be spouting forth so vociferously if they didn’t have a huge belief in what they were saying. Their volume signals their passion, so trust that they’ve done their homework and get in line.

Form an opinion based on your worst qualities

It’s a scary world out there. The war in Syria. The rise of ISIS. The widening wealth gap. The refugee crisis. No job security. Wall Street greed. Homegrown terrorism.

More than ever before, you need to protect yourself and fear for what’s coming. So as we try to scrape through this in one piece, any opinion you can form that’s based on fear and greed (or similar base qualities) is going to serve you best.

Don’t trouble yourself with facts

Facts are great. What’s even better, are points of view that hang out in the edgy suburb of Fact-town. They’re the uber-cool, sexy classmate to the bookish, still-a-virgin nerd that all facts are.

We’re all sick and tired of so-called “experts” spouting facts and statistics. What’s way more compelling is a strong point of view that you can really get behind.

In a world that’s vomiting alt-facts like a fat man with norovirus, who needs to back up an opinion with a dull fact when you can back it up with a compelling alt-fact instead?

You can do that stuff, or…

Do any or all of those things. Go right ahead.

Doing so may well turn you into a bigoted, hypocritical fucktrumpet, but don’t let me stop you. After all, this whole article is just my opinion, so go ahead and make up your own mind.

You’re entitled to form an opinion however you want. Just don’t expect anyone to have confidence in an opinion that has no foundation. Is an opinion that’s based on meaning and fact worth more than one that’s based on vapour and hearsay?

Yes, it most definitely fucking is.

Opinions are only cheap if there’s no meaningful investment in them, and there are far too many of those kicking around.

Opinions can be beautiful and powerful, but only if you build them out of things that have beauty and power. Things like honesty and value. Things like compassion and integrity. Things like love and curiosity.

We have a duty to form opinions that are fact-based and value-lead, and this, it seems, is one of our greatest challenges. To move from fear and greed fuelled opinions that keep us stuck and stumbling, towards opinions that elevate what it is to be human.

What part do you think you can play in that challenge?

  • See so many people and so much of history wrapped up in blind faith and allegiance to false Gods – Churches, selfish leaders and some pretty sick people to horrible ends, costing the lives of millions. Rather than admit a leader has no answers or productive skills, or even in admitting to no answers, are still voted in, still lead; people, oppressive churches, gangs, terror groups, bullying…. in some kind of blind faith type undying love by followers. Those know, to win, Speak of interest, not of reason. I ask those followers and get answers like zombies. And the masses, groups, clicks, individuals, can pack a whopper of damage.. the more joining in, the more harm, and the more who must sacrifice to change things to right and fair. Perhaps some of these leaders… starters of great harm to others, are mentally ill? So what was it all about? Someone’s selfishness? Someone’s false delusion of paranoia spread to followers who blindly agree? One can be careful in life without being mean or oppressive. Use common sense that “that man or woman” is probably not the second God… that impose on you are not all angels with good intentions.. and some just want to see you squirm, hiding hate. And see that a few bad people can cause pain and tragic endings for the masses. So let’s think independent and ask what are the goals and how to get there safely, for individual freedom and safe and secure happy futures, think of reason, think for yourself.

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