Get Off Your Butt And Get Some Focus

A human being without action isn’t really a human being at all.

They might look like one and walk like one, they might even talk like one. But they’re not really alive.

Unfortunately, inaction is natural.

We’re wired to stay in the place we feel safe and comfortable. But inaction leads to procrastination and atrophy, and this cycle of safety, comfort, procrastination and atrophy continues.

Until, that is, it’s interrupted by something. An intention is a good start, but is pointless without following through. An idea is amazing, but valueless unless it’s explored. And a desire to do something that matters it phenomenal, but wasted without action.

You don’t need to be ready. You don’t need to know what’s going to happen. You don’t need to feel confident enough.

Sometimes, you just need to get off your butt and get some damn focus

This, perhaps, is what I need to remind myself of most often. My body and my illness want to pull me into slumber relentlessly, and I have an inclination towards rest and relaxation that some would call a talent.

The temptation not to act can be as tempting and delicious as resting your head on a pillow made of marshmallow and kitten fluff, but will engulf you in its warmth if you let it.

First then, comes awareness. Awareness of who you are. Awareness of when you’re idling. Awareness of your wants. Awareness of what could be.

Then, comes the translation of thought into action; the place where an awareness threaded with confidence and worthiness is most essential.

So, if *you* were to get off your butt today, what would happen?

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