Give Your Heart Something Back

It’s time for you to do something again. I promise you that this is something you’ll want to do, and you can trust me. I’m a coach.

I love the word “nourishment”. I love talking about nourishment, and I *love* doing it. Put a blonde wig on it and I’ll happily marry it and carry it over the threshold. We’d have kids so beautiful and sparkling that people would swoon in the street.

The reason I love nourishment so much is that its one and only role is to keep yourself nourished (well, duh) – that is to say, prioritising the things that sustain and strengthen you.

There are a heap of different ways that nourishment works, so here’s what I want you to do specifically.

1. Do one thing today that nourishes your heart. Nourishing your heart is all about doing the things that make you feel like you; things that return you to what you know to be true; things that make you feel at peace, at rest or at joy right now.

Nourishing your heart returns you to your source

It could be hugging a loved one or it could be listening to a favourite song with your eyes closed. It could be sitting in the sunshine and feeling the warmth on your skin or it could be calling a good friend and laughing. It could be giving someone the benefit of the doubt or it could be offering a helping hand without being asked. It could be losing yourself in a novel or it could be taking a stroll by the water. It could be anything, big or small.

2. Do something else tomorrow that nourishes your heart.

3. Do something the day after that nourishes your heart.

4. And the day after that, do something that nourishes your heart.

5. You get the picture. Every day, make a conscious choice to do something that nourishes your heart.

Don’t quiche out on me here, you’re better than that and there’s no downside to doing this.

Unless, of course, you’re so pre-occupied by the world of doing that you tell yourself that you simply don’t have time to do some silly heart nourishing thing that some stupid confidence coach told you to do.

If you fall into that camp, then let me tell you something, friend to friend. You need to do this more than anyone else reading this right now.

If you’re not willing to prioritise the nourishing of your own heart,
what does that say about you?

Let’s see the different ways that people do this – let me know what you do right here in the comments.

  • yes! music nourishes my heart more than anything else… giving myself a moment to let it get into my heart, rather than just in one ear and out the other – that’s when it begins to feed my soul ๐Ÿ™‚ great post!

    • I do the same with music. If I go a couple of days without hearing music I love I always notice something missing. Even better when I get to sing along (for me more than the neighbours).

  • Ha, already did this today! I drafted a blog post from the heart and felt myself believe my words add to the goodness in the world. Also read some rad material that fuelled my fire to show up and just do me alll the way. All in all, a very good day indeed! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • How perfect!! I just got off of the phone with a friend of mine who totally ‘gets’ me and loves me and what I do. We had the best time talking and filling each other up! I feel so completely open and full and happy right now!! Thanks for the reminder that this should be a daily practice! You’re awesome!! xoxoxoox

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