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Become a more confident and more effective leader

Leadership articles are plentiful, with hundreds and hundreds of ideas and strategies out there. All of them claim to give you answers, to earn you followers or solve all your problems. I come at this from a different angle. Here, you'll find the best thinking and strategies that have worked for me in my years of leadership roles, and for my clients.

Whether you're in an organisation, an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, these leadership articles will help you discover ways of leading that simplify your work and your experience, and bring you more meaningful success.

Dive in and explore.

The 3 Keys to Authentic Leadership

The idea of authentic leadership easily becomes woolly and trite. So here are 3 concrete insights into what authentic leadership really is.

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Stress is that thing that wakes you up at night with spiralling thoughts and a racing heart beat. It’s that thing that ...

Smarter Thinking

The demands of leadership are many, and so being able to respond to those demands in smart ways is the key to great leadership.

I'm not going to offer you conventional thinking, and I'm not going to tell you how to go about the content of your work (you're the expert on that, not me). My aim here is to always give you the most important ways for you to:

  • stop spinning and getting stuck in your head
  • avoid the common traps that make life more stressful
  • bring your whole self to what you do so you can do great work
  • deal with fear, self-doubt and second-guessing
  • be a truly authentic leader

That's what smarter thinking is. Seeing what patterns of thought serve you well, what doesn't, and making smart choices about what to nurture.

Radical self-honesty

I have zero interest in bamboozling you, selling to you or wanting to appear smarter than the next guy. I'm nothing if I'm not honest with myself first, and it's this same radical self-honesty that I encourage in my clients.

Importantly, none of the leadership articles here will amount to a hill of beans unless you're ready and willing to apply some radical self-honesty. So please be open and curious, because it's only by being willing to see and acknowledge what's true for you that you get to make appropriate choices.

Radical self-honesty is what drives meaningful growth. It's how you tap into and apply your natural self-confidence. It's how you become a better leader.

Question is, are you ready and willing?

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