Stop Wishing You Could…

The world is full of has-beens and also-rans.

Those folks who’ve stopped trying.

The people who never match their actions or intentions to their hopes.

People who resign themselves to small.

From where I’m sitting, it’s just a little bit fucked up. It’s like making under-seasoned scrambled eggs and then crying off eating scrambled eggs ever again because it’s just so hard to get them right.

Scrambled eggs are an eggy, buttery joy that make life worth living, right up there with belly laughter and spontaneous sex. Life is poorer without them.

So let’s check a couple of facts quickly.

1. There are so many eggs. As a lover of scrambled eggs, the fact that eggs are readily available is totally bloody brilliant. Not only does it mean that I can effectively have scrambled eggs on tap (note: new business venture?), but those same eggs can be used to make cakes, pasta, scones, soufflés, pastries and heaps more. Eggs equal possibility. Almost limitless potential for #nom.

2. You give a shit. You care about your life and what happens in it, and giving a shit drives you to make sure you’re safe and also to strive even when you might not be safe. Sometimes giving a shit and being safe slip into their wrestling gear and duke it out, making life a confusing mess until the victor stands tall. But as the one who gives a shit, you get to decide which party you get behind and yell “Finish him!” to.

3. You’re dying. I don’t want to poop on this party, but with every second that passes—even as you read these words—you’re getting closer to the time of your own death. That breath you just took? One breath closer to your last.

Where do those facts leave us I wonder?

You might conclude that it all feels too big and confusing, that you’re not ready and that you just want an easy life. So go back to fact #2 and remind yourself that you give a shit. More than that, you get to choose what you give a shit about.

You might conclude that there are too many choices and you just wish it would be easier already. So go back to fact #1, see what looks tasty to you right now and recognise that you might have to break a few dozen eggs before you get it right.

Or you might conclude that you’re too busy to do stuff or that there’s plenty of time to make changes later. So go back to fact #3 and get comfy with the fact your time is slipping away like a puppy down a luge track.

For my money, this all leaves us with one inescapable conclusion.

You need to stop wishing you could

Don’t even worry about whether you can. You might wish you could work overseas for a spell, you might wish you could be totally at ease in your own skin or you might wish you could fill a lake with custard and hold the world’s first custard triathlon.

Confidence and preparation are immaterial.

If you lack the confidence right now, taking that first step past your comfort zone will already start the process of building it.

And while the urge to make a plan and prepare will be strong, sometimes that’s just about wrapping yourself in 50 layers of bubble-wrap so you don’t get bruised.

Go explore. Break some damn eggs. See what tastes good.

Stop wishing you could…

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