One-to-one, meaningful, tailored support and coaching to help individuals thrive

With unprecedented uncertainty, change and pressure, people need meaningful and effective support more than ever.

And it's the responsibility of leadership to make sure people have the support they need to maintain their clarity, focus and wellbeing.

That's how you make sure people keep showing up, keep stepping up, and keep getting shit done.

My experience as a leader (15+ years) and coach (20+ years) makes me uniquely placed to help your people regain solid ground under their feet, push through their blocks and challenges, and employ their strengths and talents in pursuit of great work.

With a team coaching retainer your people are able to:

  • Maintain clarity and focus
  • Fully leverage their capabilities, talents and strengths
  • Productively manage stress and anxiety
  • Make sure they don't run on empty or risk burnout
  • Figure out what great work looks like now, and how they can make shifts in line with that
  • Find productive ways to deal with uncertainty and churn
  • Monitor their own wellbeing and implement fixes when needed
  • Remove blocks, assumptions or patterns that frustrate or hold them back

It's reassuring to know your people are supported and fully able to do great work. With timely and focused one-to-one coaching they're able to not just to get through the challenges of the "new normal", but to grow, thrive and flourish.

How it Works

I bring a wide range of strategies, tools and tactics and 20+ years experience of coaching. A team coaching retainer provides a bank of coaching hours for your people to get my help and support when they need it.

12 Sessions



12 x 1-hour one-to-one coaching sessions

18 Sessions



18 x 1-hour one-to-one coaching sessions

24 Sessions



24 x 1-hour one-to-one coaching sessions

These aren’t passive sessions where people sit back and are spoken to, so it’s important that individuals are ready, willing and able to get stuck in and do the work.

Here's a sense of the commitment needed:

  • It works best for people to have 2 sessions per month. This time should be carved out in their diaries.
  • There will be some take-away actions or things to try out between sessions. People should be ready to complete exercises, worksheets and try things out.
  • Participants come with open-minds, some healthy curiosity, and a genuine desire to participate. This doesn't work if people grudgingly show up because someone else in the org told them to.
  • A readiness to open up and share, even if there's vulnerability in that.
Coaching is an elective, non-competitive, non-judgemental, and confidential space where individuals are free to share, dig into their own thinking and explore new ideas. 

The objective is that the ideas, tools, tactics and strategies explored in each session are applied outside of the session (otherwise all we’re doing is having a cosy chat and wasting time), so there’s work to do between sessions. That might mean putting something into practice to see what happens, completing an exercise or worksheet, or thinking on a deep question to see what insights bubble up. This work is always established and agreed with participants towards the end of each session.

My Coaching Style

My style is informal and supportive, always with a gentle hand on the rudder.

I work to provide as much value to clients as possible, meeting people where they're and never forcing people to work to my agenda or pace.

Coaching needs to flex and adapt at any time, so we can pivot and go where the value is for people.

I build trust naturally, laying down new ideas and tools in a very practical, “no-fluff” way, while always listening deeply and acting in line with the trust placed in me as a coach.

Participants can expect a light-hearted approach, even if we’re getting into some serious content, and I approach each individual as a partner and guide, not a lecturer or know-it-all.

Steve Errey

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