The Confidence Pivot

The point of the past is to deliver the right now.

The right now wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for everything that’s gone before.

And right now is here to pivot into the next moment.

Without that pivot, you’re stuck forever.

Confidence is being able to apply choice,
right in the the centre of that pivot point

Here’s how that works.

  1. Notice the pivot. If you don’t see that there’s a pivot—a moment when where you are turns into where you’ll be—you’ll just be swept along. So rest, just for a moment, in that space between right now and what’s next. Don’t try to have it be a certain way, don’t push away any fear you’re feeling, and don’t judge it for being shitty if it’s shitty.
  2. Choose a vector. A vector has both direction and magnitude; it’s an intention as well as a velocity. You choose one by looking at what matters to you and choosing a direction that aligns. This intent to take a step that’s congruent with what matters does not place value on the size of that step, nor does it require a predictable outcome. The choice, the alignment, the congruence are the thing.

Pivots have moving parts, so a couple of thoughts on the mechanism itself.

  • Please don’t be sombre, rigid or pious about applying confidence at the pivot point. That’s no fun at all, and nobody likes the guy with the stick up his ass.
  • A pivot that’s been forced to go in a direction that was never intended will get worn down and eventually break. Pivots operate best when they move freely and naturally.
  • Parts can get replaced. If you no longer like the way things work or if the grooves lain down are getting a little old, you can always replace a part or build a whole new fucking machine.

The confidence you apply at the centre of the pivot—that place between now and next—can simply help that transition along, it can take you in a new direction or it can be about improving the way it gets applied next time.

Different pivot points; different choices; different ways to apply confidence.


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