The Undefeatable Underdog

I get goose-pimples when I see someone look up with wide eyes and try for something better.

The hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I look at the odds, and see someone square up to them in all their shoe-shaking wonder.

And I get a little emotional when I see an underdog pushing for something that means the world.

I love it because it shouldn’t work. There are better players in the game and the game itself is crazy hard. But the underdog’s daring ability to dream something bigger than themselves and their decision to step into the ring regardless of the odds, is the stuff of legend.

Sometimes, of course, it doesn’t work.

But even though they feel hurt by what’s happened, the underdog will smile sweetly, muster themselves and take a hesitant next step.

It’s fucking beautiful

I’m constantly drawn to those who try and miss, rather than those who bounce from win to win to win. The beta folk, rather than the alpha. The graceful, rather than the forceful. The striver, rather than the hustler.

For me, the underdog is always the true hero.

If you can relate, I’ll want to hear your story.

Because I think you’re pretty damn awesome.

  • Hi Steve,
    I’m new on this site and find it really inspiring. As to your asking for stories from “underdogs” I think you won’t get any simply because I think the person we may call an “underdog” won’t see himself or herself that way. To that person the things he or she is doing, make perfect sense and are nothing extraordinary. I hear every every so often “how can you raise 3 kids on your own” but that thought never occupies my mind for a minute. (I have other stuff in my mind, at times useful, other times silly stuff, like many of us) but what seems most difficult for some (“I would never dare travel on my own with 3 young children to that country”) is sth totally easy for others. The fighter who gets in the ring to fight against a champ won’t think “wow, here I am, the underdog” but will just be focussed on the fight.

    • Welcome aboard! I think you’re may be right that people might not call themselves an underdog in some situations, but I think there’s something about being in that place that most people can identify with. It’s great that a fighter can get the ring to fight that champ without thinking they’re the underdog – and I think the word for that is “confidence”.

  • Was just thinking it feels like ages since we’ve heard from you. Or maybe that’s just me? Anyway, you were missed. And ugh…this is a (seemingly eternal) tough one for me. Seems I’ve got it ultra-nailed in some areas of my life, but then there are others where it just beats me down every time (mainly when it comes to meeting new people. Mainly men.) Thanks as always for the extra bit of inspiration to keep slogging away at it.

    • It has been a couple of weeks Cara, partly due to vacation and partly down to site problems (damn hackers!).

      There’s something so compelling to me about the notion of the underdog; expect more on this one…

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