Trust: The Currency of Confidence

If confidence was a commodity like oil or gas, it would be traded in units of self-trust.

7 trust units to start a new project.

1 trust unit to get a haircut at a new salon.

46 trust units to apply for a new job.

189 trust units to love someone.

You get the idea.

Point is, the more trust you have in yourself the greater your ability to meet an action head-on.

When you’ve raised enough self-trust there’s a tipping point. A tipping point where the gate swings open and the way ahead is open to you.

But, like forming a frog circus, it ain’t quite that simple.

  1. The amount of currency needed for firsts—the first time you do something, like chairing a meeting, singing karaoke, making love to a new partner or starting a business—is more than is required for nexts.
  2. The more you do something—the more “nexts” there are—the fewer units of self-trust are needed. The point where something becomes rote is the point where it requires zero self-trust.
  3. You’ll believe you have fewer units than you actually do. In fact, you have all the currency you’ll ever need. Sometimes you just stash it away in the back of a cupboard or under your mattress and forget all about it.
  4. Where there’s a gap (real or perceived) between the number of units you have and the number of units you think is needed to commence a course of action, that doesn’t mean the gate’s closed to you. You can create currency on the fly, simply by pausing. And in that pause you can remind yourself how far you’ve come and acknowledge that you can deal with whatever happens simply by using what’s in your bones and making the best choices you can. Et voila, more currency.
  5. Having an abundant supply of self-trust units doesn’t preclude fear. This currency is not an antidote for fear, rather it simply provides a space where that fear can be heard and where it loses its power to control you.
  6. Sometimes, it won’t feel like you have enough currency to commence a course of action, in which case there’s a cheeky little loophole you can leverage. This loophole states that when the level of energy (interest, fun, passion, commitment, love, joy, etc) is greater than the deficit of currency, you can go right ahead anyway. Just because.
  7. The currency is automagically invested in a special kind of high-yield account. If you don’t spend any units, their market value will diminish until you start spending, and the more units you leverage the more you make back. Start something that needs 200 units and not only do you get those units right back, but a similar action will only need 175 from then on. With confidence, you can spend your way to more.

This is kind of a silly way to talk about confidence, I know, but it makes a weird kind of sense, right?

The best part is, unlike our real financial markets that are based on our worst qualities of fear and greed, the currency of confidence is based on out best qualities.

Joy. Love. Contribution.

All that jazz.

It’s the best damn currency I know of.

So tell me, how rich are you?

  • Fantastic article. Love the analogy of self trust reward points. I would love a reward card or even a self rewarding app for that. I want to hear more about them.
    Compliments of the season.

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