What Code Do You Live By?

When faced with a decision that favours you if you choose one way and disadvantages you if you choose the other, which way would you go?

What if turning left hurt you, while turning right hurt someone else?

And how are you supposed to know which way to go when faced with a choice with apparently equal outcomes?

There are extraordinarily complex processes that come into play at times like those, as your brain considers and makes sense of your circumstances, likely outcomes, personal beliefs, feelings of worth, expectations and fears.

That’s a murky old stew that your brain cooks up, often tasting like old underwear and with all the nutritional benefit of a gravel and bum-fluff sandwich.

You don’t need guts to live by default.
You don’t need confidence if you never make difficult choices.
You don’t need courage if your landscape is fully explored.

But if you’re hoping or wanting to explore the unknown, you need to know where North lies.
You need a compass that makes it easy to course correct.
You need to know what you stand for.

What you need is a creed, a code, a set of principles that works for you.

Something to take with you, always ready to tell you what you need to hear.
Something that supports you as navigate a stormy sea or explore a dark forest.
Something that helps you flourish as you explore.

If you already have something, then fantastic. You’re all set.

But if you don’t, here’s a little something I made earlier.

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