What I Want

There’s a lot that I want. A new TV. A beautiful 1940’s chair. All the sex. Someone to fix my left shoulder.

But none of that really matters a whole lot.

None of that is who I am. And none of it represents what matters to me.

The things you say you want should focus you. What you do. How you think. Your next step.

If they don’t focus you, or if you focus you on things you don’t want, now’s a good time to ask yourself what you really want.

I’ve spent a little time thinking about that myself. Here’s a little of what I came up with.

I want to build something beautiful.

I want to laugh with life, not in spite of it.

I want to marvel at the underdog who tries for something that means the world.

I want to grow as a writer.

I want to look into someone’s eyes and get excited about the world I see in them

I want to just hold someone who’s in pain and not try to fix it.

I want someone to hold me in my pain.

I want to hear the discouraged.

I want to cheer the hopeful.

I want to make someone laugh when they think they’ve forgotten how.

I want to lay in a field and kiss someone.

I want to never not care.

I want to matter.

I want to help others see that they matter.

What is it you want?

Tell me in the comments.

  • I want to forget time amidst a group of strangers in a foreign country, feeling one with humanity, could be in. A public bus, a concert, an open-air movie.
    I want to be able to set my boyfriend of 10 years free. Let him live his life without interfering or trying to control any longer.
    I want to bring a sincere smile to a child’s face who hasn’t been able to smile for a while.
    I want to offer shelter to someone who’s escaped the brutality that reigns in his or her own country.
    Having said all of this, I want to stop wanting, just flowing, want to stop secretly wishing for attention, want to travel without taking a single photo and if I do, then not posting it on any social media.
    I want to do sth each year which I’ve never done before, could be a kind of sport, diving into learning a bit of a new language and just having the eagerness to learn sth new.
    I want to be able to leave painful memories (talking about being put down by a mother-in-law for a decade) behind me. Not having been able to change her behaviour, I think I found the exit.
    I enjoy poetry and want to sit on a balcony with a cup of tea and reading. I want to show my children more foreign cities and countrysides, open their eyes even more but most important strengthen their self-esteem.

  • I want to be able to speak in public. To live my life without caring what anybody thinks. I want to be a resource person, to be known for something and represent something that makes me feel good about myself. I want to be happy.I want to live above my low self esteem.

  • I’m finding out that the things I want are things I never got to do in my younger days. My childhood was though, and teen years my teen years traumatic. My parents were conservative and strict. I’m in my 40’s and I plan on enjoying life. Ride a motorcycle. Dance with my kids and eventually my grandkids. Have a drink
    without feeling guilt or fearful that the Almighty is going to strike me dead. Marriage wasn’t the greatest either. So love hopefully finds me. One thing I can say. Life is hard as it is. Make it count.

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