What is Leadership Coaching and Do I Need It?

If you're a leader, you could use leadership coaching.

That's it. Thanks for reading, see you next time!

I'm being facetious, of course (some say it's a talent). There's a little more to it than that.

So what is leadership coaching?

Let's say you've just landed a new job as some kind of senior leader. You might be a VP of something or a Director of something else, and need some help to figure out how to manage your workload, deal with conflict, find smart ways to prioritise, run your team brilliantly or how to present your ideas to the C-Suite most effectively.

Those are all opportunities to grow, to learn new skills and to develop new strengths, and are all great opportunities to get input from a leadership coach.

There are many more instances, of course, because your experience as a leader isn't confined to those things I mentioned. Point is, a leadership coach is someone who you can help you become a better leader, and improve specific leadership skills.

Some of these people will be generalists, and some will specialise in areas like presentation skills, goal-setting or maintaining work/life balance.

Whether a specialist or generalist, it's a pretty special relationship. Your coach won't just tell you what to do or how, but will guide you to come up with fresh insights and your own answers. And that's way more powerful, relevant and actionable than having someone give you a load of advice that you'll never implement, right?

Do I need a leadership coach?

You're the only one who can answer that.

If there's something that's still bugging you or something that you keep beating yourself up about, if there are skills you feel are underdeveloped or situations you're incredibly uncomfortable in, a leadership coach can help.

Do your leg work. Find someone who you vibe with and who you can picture working with. Find a specialist if you have a specific need. But even if all you have is a sense that something's wrong or not quite right, a good coach can help you drill into that and figure out what's going on.

Do you need leadership coaching? I'd say that anyone and everyone could use a coach at some point. No doubt in my mind about that. Whether you need a leadership coach or another kind of coach is part of the exploration you need to do.

Bottom line is, if you're serious about wanting to grow as a leader, getting a coach is a spectacularly good way of achieving that.

My coaching is a little different...

I'm not a leadership coach.

I don't coach on presentation skills, or how to run effective meetings, or how to create goals. There are heaps of people out there doing those things. And it's good and useful work.

What I am, is a confidence coach, for leaders.

I solve the problems of feeling your confidence vanish, feeling not good enough, suffering from imposter syndrome, thinking that you have to do things perfectly, doubting or second-guessing yourself, and many, many more. And I do that for people who are in a position of leadership, whether in an organisation, or as an entrepreneur or solopreneur.

I'm not pious or rigid or sombre in the way I work, because I'm not just one-dimensional and neither are you. I don't give a shit about appearing super-professional or wanting you to think I'm really smart. What I do give a shit about is you and your self-confidence.

For me, confidence underpins success and joy and meaning. Confidence comes first. Good things follow. That's how I'm different.

Over to you. Have you worked with a leadership coach? Trying to find the right one? Tell me in the comments.

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