What’s So Beautiful About Your Life Anyway?

I was sitting in my local coffee shop getting some writing done, when the whole space filled with morning sunlight that touched everything with magic.

Out of nowhere, I felt a little lonely.

I thought to myself, “How amazing would it be to have a gorgeous girlfriend sitting by my side; the sun on her face; a book in her hands.

I pictured myself raising my eyes from my screen to see her absorbed in what she was doing, realising just how beautiful she was.

It was a beautiful picture and a moment that slipped into poignancy when my thoughts went to a place of lack – a place where I started thinking that I was worse off because there wasn’t anyone sitting with me; that I was missing out on something beautiful that other people have.

In that moment, I just wanted something beautiful

I held there for a second, just kind of swimming around in the moment.

I know that place of lack isn’t a fun place to be, so I looked for what else was there.

And I noticed something that surprised me.

I’ve stopped noticing what’s already beautiful.

Since the summer, I’ve been busying myself with getting things done. I’ve been taking care of my health, sometimes minute by minute. I’ve been dealing with the minutia of stuff going on around me – a leaking shower, cashflow forecasts, commuting, cooking healthy food, keeping a reading habit, organising a team, cleaning the flat, writing my book on “Wants”, etc, etc, etc.

By focusing on simply doing stuff, my gaze narrowed.

I’ve been seeing all the detail but none of the beauty

I could have slapped myself for forgetting this, because there *is* beauty. Right here.

I love the light pouring into the coffee shop on a Saturday morning.
I love how the squirrels in the park run up to me and show me what they’ve found when I click my tongue against the roof of my mouth.
I love smiling at strangers in the street.
I love the anticipation of that first sip of coffee.
I love being able to laugh with people who have beautiful hearts.
I love the twinkle of Christmas lights.
I love waking to birdsong.
I love the opening notes of a favourite song.
I love the stretch in my spine when I deliberately grow tall.
I love watching people work through a problem
I love sunshine in my eyes.
I love the emergence of a new idea or insight.
I love watching shops and cafe’s setting things up before their day starts.
…and so much more.

Would I love someone beautiful on my arm? You bet.

But the fact that I’m single doesn’t preclude beauty in my life any more than being a Gemini precludes my ability to breathe the air.

And I think that’s really my point in sharing this story with you. You can have beautiful things (like a girl, a boy, a house or a suit of clothes) or even do beautiful things (like be generous of spirit, care for someone, cook a meal from the heart), but that doesn’t make for a beautiful life.

A beautiful life comes from appreciating beautiful moments.

So I have a question for you – what’s beautiful about your life?

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