What’s The Big Idea?

Goals are for losers.

They completely miss the point of living a naturally confident, universe-denting life.

I’ve written about this so many times and in so many ways that I’m not going to repeat myself.

But if you’re tempted to start out fresh, to hit the reset button or to vow to do things differently, here’s what I want you to do.

  1. Write down 3 things you missed out on in the last year. These might be things you regret, opportunities you missed out on or important things you never quite got round to. Write them down.
  2. What 3 things could you have added to to make your year extraordinary?
  3. If there were 3 things that would add massively to the quality of your experience in the last year, what might they be? Write them down.
  4. If your actions in the last year were to leave a valuable legacy, what might that look like? What kind of difference would you love to make?
  5. What 3 words describe or encompass the experience of life you want to have this year?  Once more, write them down.
  6. Imagine you’re pitching a movie to a plump movie exec in a top movie studio. You’re sitting in his office with a killer idea for a compelling story, something that would have audiences lining up outside theatres in their droves. We’re talking major box-office here.  The film weaves in the things you’ve identified above, and it’s the story of what might happen this year. Already, you can see the reviews saying “A truly inspirational tale“, “The everyman story we’ve all been waiting for” or “things just got exciting“.
  7. So what’s the big idea? What’s your pitch to the studio head? What’s the movie about, and what happens at the end?

How about sharing your movie pitch in the comments?

  • I hope you’re talking metaphorically and you don’t actually have an incurable disease. I wandered into your old site last night and found this site today. I wish I could afford all your books but I’m starting with the free download.

    • The Code should spark a lot of thoughts – let me know what jumps out at you. Re illness, I have an illness to which there’s no established cure – CFS/ME. I’m confident I’ll make a recovery though!

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