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Ever been in a meeting and not spoken up because you were scared that you’d get laughed out of the room?

I sure have.

Which is why I deliberately take that filter off when I’m in a meeting these days, even if it means I say something stupid.

It just adds to my charm.

This fear of getting laughed out of the room isn’t exclusive to business meetings though. The “really don’t wanna look stupid” filter is something that might kick in any time you have the perception that you might be judged unfavourably, whether real or imagined. And as a human being, this pretty much happens every time there’s another person in the room.

Applying this filter automatically takes a cheese grater to your self-confidence every time it happens; shaving off a little piece at a time until you’re left with something that wouldn’t even fill a cracker.

Here’s the thing.

The sooner you let yourself be seen, the sooner success comes in.

So here’s what I want you to do…

  1. For today, what would you do differently if there was zero risk of being laughed out of the room?
  2. Do it (even though it’ll be sorely tempting not to).
  3. Let me know how it feels.

  • Hey Steve,

    I love your action point articles; they are empowering. This one in particular. I think people will get the point that they would rather speak up and get rejected than to live with regret of never sharing their thoughts.

  • As someone who (seemingly) works hard to look ridiculous, getting laughed out of the room would dovetail perfectly with getting laughed into it 🙂

    It seems that there are a lot of folks who won’t ask the ‘stupid’ questions – like what does that (acronym) mean exactly, or why? Maybe because my job is all about communication, it drives me nuts when people do that thing whereby they use jargon to keep the ‘civilians’ out in order to make themselves look like some special, brainy elite. Plus there’s that other thing – no-one can make you look or feel inadequate without your permission (paraphrasing and mangling like hell lol).

  • I was reading this earlier before I had a job interview this afternoon. I took your advice and I can say honestly I gave the best interview of my life

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